Blogger Business Cards: The Complete Guide

Blogger Business Card

Blogging is being treated as a profession rather than just a hobby. However, many bloggers are unaware of blogger business cards.

You need business cards for any serious business you are doing.

Likewise, for blogging also you need a business card. It showcases your seriousness in blogging. If you confidently promote yourself as an author, others are more likely to consider your writings as professional and high-quality one.

It highlights the personality behind the awesome blog. On the other hand, it showcases your confidence in your work and blogging.

What to Include in Blogger Business Cards?

Opening catchy word: How do you like to introduce yourself to other people? Is it like hi, wassup? You may want to include this kind of cool stuff at the beginning of your blogger business cards.

This kind of the personal approach to people will be effective in driving them into your blog and build relationships. It’s a great way to welcome a person to your awesome blogger business card.

Include Avatar and name

Business cards smile avatar If you include your Avatar in the business card, it shows your confidence. By this, you are strongly saying I am the awesome man behind this awesome blog. People will more likely recognize you, and it itself acts as a promotion for your blog.

Make sure that the complete headshot is there. It should represent your personality and way of thinking. Remember the golden words,

Face is the Index of Mind

Smiling face helps a lot. It shows that you are friendly, humorous, helpful, cool and a great decision taker.

A crazy face represents you as cool, funky, great explainer, entertainer, and geek.

Both of them work perfectly.

Also, don’t forget to include your full name. It doesn’t matter whether your name is in uppercase or lowercase letters. However, I prefer all uppercase letters for your name.

E-mail address

Including the email address in your card is important. It shows that you are interested in communicating with people and building relationships with them.

As this business card is pertaining to your blog, it’s recommended to use the e-mail address associated with your domain. Like
It looks more professional.

Some people use “[at]” instead of using “@”, like admin[at] However, I prefer using “@”.

The former is used to avoid automatic hyperlinking. It’s certainly not the case!

Blog name, URL, and branding

Blog name should be of the same font size as that of your full name.

Blog logo should be simple and should be a perfect match for the name of your blog.

Also, include blog URL. Vomit www or http kind of messy stuff that browser takes care. Use Toggle case letters for words within the URL. Like

In case of long domain names, it will increase readability.

Without blog URL, you miss many readers. The main purpose of these cards is to include the blog URL. You can’t even think of missing it.

Minimalistic layout approach

People love minimalistic approach nowadays. The content should be a priority in your blogger business cards.

The business card with the distracting layout is hardly readable.

I’m not telling you that the layout should be plain white. It should be minimalistic and attractive. It should represent your brand purpose and goals. And it should perfectly suit the name of your blog.

Include QR code

Including QR code on your blogger business card, that heads them directly to your blog URL, is effective. People hate typing URLs.

To make people visit your blog, you need to minimize the effort made by them to visit your blog. For this, QR code is very effective.

You can generate QR code at GoQR or


This makes people effortlessly visit your blog just by scanning the QR code with their smartphones.

Include social media handlers

Include your Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, vanity URLs in your card. Your social media presence and interaction will be increased.

It helps people easily contact and communicate with you.

Before the URLs of social media profiles, include favicons of the social media sites. It makes your URLs look catchy.

Other tips

  1. Include your other sites on the back of your cards
  2. Use bright colours.
  3. Use thick paper, to make your card look more professional.
  4. Do not use borders.
  5. Use a slogan or tagline.
  6. Include optional phone number.
  7. Be memorable.

Where to order?

You can either find online business card services or offline, like retailers out there.

Some of the best places to order blogger business cards online are:

Minted, MOO Business Cards, Vistaprint, and Kinkos Business Cards by FedEx. Premium business cards start from around $20 for 250 cards in Kinkos Business cards.

Alternatively, you can also design card template and print it on your own or with the help of local retailers out there.

Here are some of the resources for free blogger business card templates:

  1. 22 free business card templates
  2. 50 Free PSD Business Card Templates
  3. Freebie Release: 10 Business Card Templates (PSD)
  4. 50 Free High Quality Business Cards PSD Templates
  5. 145+ Premium & Free PSD Business Card Templates

You can find almost any kind of template for your card out there on the web.

Final words
Blogger business cards may or may not be essential for all the bloggers. If you’re a serious blogger, you may need to promote your blog in every possible way.

Blog promotion through business cards is one of the effective ways. It drives every person you meet in the physical world to your blog .
Attending meetings and conferences in your niche helps in the promotion of your blog. In there you’ll meet new people, communicate with them; give them your business card. I think I don’t need to stress the importance of relationships and communication in blogging.
I hope you enjoyed this guide. If it has really helped you hit the Like or Tweet button on the top. If you have any queries or if you want to add something to the above points, do comment.

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14 thoughts on “Blogger Business Cards: The Complete Guide”

  1. Hei Akshay.
    This is the first time i heard about Bloggers business cards. The idea behind this is very good and specially i think every blogger should go for this. Really very great information.
    Happy blogging. 🙂

  2. Interesting. I also had never considered a blogger business card, but I can see how it makes sense.

    Good idea on the QR code – most people have a smartphone or a tablet, and can quickly check out your stuff as soon as you hand them the card.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Blogger business cards are extremely useful when used properly and id you are serious about blogging.

      Yeah QR codes totally changes the way in which people interact with business cards.

      Thanks for your first comment, Naima, keep visiting for more updates and articles. 🙂

  3. These are great tips. I never considered business cards for bloggers, but it does make a lot of sense. I would think that they are actually serious about their blog if they went through the trouble to print cards. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like the idea of including social media handles. On that same note, I’d be careful including any hashtags though. Hashtags could always be hijacked where handles can’t.

  5. I love the idea to use a QR code. With a business based on the internet, it only makes sense that you would use technology to direct people to your blog. I have been considering what to do for my business cards, and I love this idea! Thanks!

  6. QR Codes are becoming more and more important nowadays and it helps people to save time looking for your website. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  7. Great tips for business cards! There is more thought that goes into designing them than most people realize. With such a small space to advertise yourself/your business, you have to choose wisely! Great article.

  8. Great article. I like the idea of including a QR code. I still think they can still be utilized for business cards. Also, your tip: Include your other sites on the back of your cards —> I like this idea a lot. As a freelance designer, i’m always informing business to steer away from adding all of them (or as many as you can) on the front. It looks too busy, so by having them on the back is a great tip. Also, i’ve used the printers listed, you should look into Primo Print. I have used them for some projects. I’m always happy to share info i think your audience will find useful. Thanks for the useful info.

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