How to Get Notifications When Google Index Your Blog Posts

Index alerts

Knowing the time of indexation of your new blog posts in Google is important.

As you all know that if your blog posts are quickly indexed in Google, then you have quality content and Google is giving some more priority for indexing your blog posts.
Measuring the time that the Google takes to index your new blog posts gives a clear estimation of improvement of your blog.

Many of the bloggers out there don’t really care about the crawl rate and the indexation rate of their blog. Many of the bloggers’ blog posts index within hours, but some of the blog posts take days or even months to be indexed.  Majority of bloggers do not really care about this stuff.

After reading the above paragraph, I think you only came to know about the importance of Crawlability and quick indexation of your blog posts by Google.

How to know when blog posts are indexed?

To know the time taken by Google to index new blog posts, there must be some way. Well, here’s the solution, Google Alerts.

Many of you may use Google Alerts for different purposes like competitor research, or to notify you when a particular product is available, and others.

Google Alerts can also be used to send you a notification e-mail when your blog post is indexed.

Wondering how?

Well, here’s the way…

  1. Go to Google Alerts
  2. Type in your domain name prefix it with the “site” search operator
    Like, type in replace it with your site address
  3. Click on Show Options drop down
  4. Select As-it-happens under How often
  5. Select All results under How many
  6. Leave all the other options as default
  7. Hit Create alert

Below is the screenshot on how to set up alerts on index of new posts.

Alert on blog post index

As you can also notice in the screenshot, there is an alert preview. It previews the latest blog post indexed on Google as when I’m writing this post.

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Final words
If there are any changes in the SERPs including the new indexation for the given search query, then the Google will notify about the changes. The above method works for all blogs and sites.

The normal indexation time of a new blog post is around 5- 24 hours.

For other popular sites, mentioning the target keyword in the text area for alerts also works. However, he or she must be confident of ranking for the target keyword.
However, I do not recommend this method (entering a target keyword) because Google after indexing blog posts, immediately do not rank blog posts. In this case, you will receive email only when you rank for your target keyword.

Measuring indexation rate is recommended for every blogger, as it is a direct measure of your blogging success. If you have more domain authority, then more crawl rate and indexation rate.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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7 thoughts on “How to Get Notifications When Google Index Your Blog Posts”

  1. Well, it’s always good to know when the blog posts are getting indexed and Google Alerts it’s easy to setup alerts to get notifications when blog posts are being indexed. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Tricky post my friend. If we publish 1-2 post in a week then it’s not a problem to use Google itself to check whether post has been indexed or not but it becomes more harder if we publish 1-2 post daily. It break the rhythm of blogging.

  3. Google alerts does not really give immediate alerts.

    Sometimes I only receive an alert a day after the post has being published.

    1. Isaac, it seems you have misunderstood. Google Alerts send you alerts only when your post is indexed not when published. Most of times, it takes 2-3 hours, to send you index notification.
      Bloggers with new sites find Google Alerts helpful instead of wasting their time hitting Google.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. I have a question.

    When i search your blog name Gobloggingtips in google. It also show your pages just below blog description.

    Can you please tell me how to add page below blog description in google search.

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