Best time to Publish your Blog Post for Maximum Exposure

Best time to blog

In this post, I’ll discuss about the right time for publishing blog posts. It is when most of your loyal blog readers are active.

I will present you a strategy. It helps you in NOT disappointing your regular readers, who hop into your blog in the hope of finding new content.

The perfect scheduling of blog posts is important. Especially when you have a lot of loyal readers on your blog.

From now onwards, whenever you head towards hitting the publish button, stop. Ask yourself the question “Is this the best time to publish my awesome blog post?” Keep this question on your blog publishing checklist.

Note that, along with the best time, the best day of the week for publishing your blog post also matters a lot.


How to determine the perfect timings for hitting the publish button

As I have said, the perfect time for publishing a blog post differs from blog to blog. It is up to your wisdom; determine the best time and day to publish a new blog post.

To get the data of the number of Pageviews on day and time basis.

  • Login to your Google Analytics.
  • Go to your property.
  • Click on Customization.
  • There create a new custom report.
  • Give the title of the report.
  • Add “Entrances” to “metrics group” you can also add other metrics like bounce rate to measure the quality of the traffic
  • Add “Day of week name” and “Hour of day” under Dimension Drilldowns.
  • You can add additional filters like “Source of traffic”. To know the time, what social sites or medium are driving you traffic. (I’m not adding it, to keep the things simple)
  • Now save the report.

Custom report day and time

Now your report should be populated with figures. Set the time frame as maximum as possible, for more accurate results.

Best day

Now sort the Entrances in descending order, to get the day of the week in which you received more traffic, at the top. Now, as you can notice, Monday is the day I get most of the traffic on my site.

What is the exact time on Monday?

Now click on the day (here Monday). As you can notice at 20:00 IST at night on Monday, I receive most of my traffic.

Best time for publishing blog posts

If I schedule my blog posts, on Monday 20.00 IST, I’ll get most of the traffic.

Like this, based on your blogging frequency, you have to choose the days and time on which you receive most of the traffic. I often publish two posts a week. So I need to determine another best day and time apart from Monday.

To conclude…
Scheduling blog posts for better exposure is different to social media posts timing.

By adopting the above report in your G.A, you can drastically reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

In addition to this, you also can determine the time most of your affiliate or other sales happen. Or the time more readers sign up for your newsletter. Like this, the possibilities are endless.

Adopt this strategy of timing the blog posts. Let me know if it does spike your traffic.

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10 thoughts on “Best time to Publish your Blog Post for Maximum Exposure”

  1. Hi Akshay,
    Nice share. I’ll keep these points in my mind before publishing posts on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

  2. Great info, got something new to learn. Till yet I was using analytics almost to see real time visitors and tital sessions per day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rahul, I am sure that you are not yet leveraging the full potential of Google Analytics. It’s my advise for you to make the most of it.
      Track affiliate links, sale funnels, integrate Adsense if you have one, create custom reports, etc.

      Glad you found the tutorial helpful. Keep visiting.

  3. Nice to read this post. I have a question, hope you don’t bother to answer it. How many postings on Blogger in a day that Google allowed?

    Thanks for the answer

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