10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes Reviewed

Seo friendly wordpress themes

While choosing the best theme, bloggers go bonkers about the design. They often forget the SEO and page load performance factors.

It’s often a quite tough job to find a WordPress theme, that is a perfect balance between SEO-friendliness and design.

In this blog post, I’m going to review some of the best SEO-friendly themes available today. I will also review some of the best free themes.

Let’s get started.

The premium themes that I review are used by the best bloggers around the world.

#1. Genesis framework


I was using free theme StarGazer on my blog. I really liked the design of it.

Later on, I decided to go for a premium theme. I was hunting for a theme that offers my blog high page speed and is SEO friendly with clean code.

I decided to go for Genesis Framework theme. I bought the framework and picked up a free Genesis child theme, customized it to exactly look like my previous design (even better).

Now, I have the solid underlying framework to provide great SEO friendliness, page speed and bullet-proof security with good design wrapped over it.

Having Genesis as the theme, you can design any sort of sites, landing pages, and mainly blogs.

Another advantage is, Genesis framework makes your blog powered with HTML5. So, your blog will be responsive across all the screens.

Genesis is SEO friendly out-of-the-box. It has dedicated SEO section, which helps you make your WordPress site more optimized for search engines.


The best thing about it is that once you buy the theme, you can freely use the theme on multiple sites and blogs. That too with free updates and support. It is sold under GPL license. You pay one-time $60 for the framework.

  Get Genesis

Once you buy the framework, you could choose from StudioPress free child themes or buy a child theme. If you are going for a premium Genesis child theme, I would recommend Parallax Pro and Minimum pro, they are feature rich and also SEO friendly themes.

#2. Schema theme


Schema boasts itself as the fastest loading WordPress theme as of now. You get the HTML5 support that helps you make your blog completely responsive.

The inbuilt review system is what I liked in this theme. It shows rich snippets in SERPs and thus increase click through rate.

It loads blazingly fast.

With speed,

  • You have your blog SEO-friendly.
  • You increase AdSense revenue, with speed loading ads.
  • You get more involved mobile visitors.
  • Good for crawlability.

For customization, this theme has a powerful options panel. Like all other themes, this theme also has layout options, social media integration, widgets, etc.

MyThemeshop offers you a year of support and updates. You can use the theme on unlimited sites.

You can get 50% OFF on your purchase using the below link and coupon code.

Get 50% OFF on Schema

The coupon code is “GOBLOGGINGTIPS”. Enter the code while checking out.

Here’s my detailed review on MyThemeShop.

#3. Thesis

Thesis by Diythemes

Thesis theme provider is DIYthemes.

With Thesis, you are able to edit almost every detail of your site. This is made possible with the provision of two powerful control menu options.

The Thesis is more or less a framework which has the ability to create different styles and themes.

In the Thesis theme, designs are called skins. You need to just drag and drop the elements to build your own skin. Or they have plenty of skins to choose from.

When it comes to SEO friendliness, the latest Thesis 2 offers HTML5 that loads blazingly fast. The page speed will be boosted as the theme intelligently minimizes the HTTP requests your site makes. It has built in support of schema markup and this helps in standing out in SERPs.

If you want the most feature rich, powerful theme which has great control on your site, Thesis will be great for you.

There are many plans in Thesis, the best one value for your money is the professional plan. For more plans, visit the below page.

DIYthemes – Thesis

#4. X theme

X theme

If you are looking for a theme that’s both multipurpose and SEO friendly, X theme is the best bet. The load times of X theme is great, almost equal to that of Genesis. It is packed with some of the powerful SEO features. The optimization of code and the inclusion of semantics along with HTML5 support makes it SEO friendly. It’s completely a responsive theme.

In X theme, they call designs as stacks. There are four stacks in total. They completely change the design of your site.

The four stacks are named as:

  • Icon
  • Renew
  • Integrity
  • Ethos

It offers you tons of options and features that help you customize your site.

Get X theme

#5. Best theme


This is one of the best MyThemeShop themes. It’s known for its aesthetic design.

Talking about SEO, this theme is fully responsive like that of all the above themes. The page speed comes nearer to the Schema theme I mentioned earlier. It comes with all the essential SEO features.

The best part is it is Google AdSense optimized. Meaning, it easily blends the colors of ads so as to match the blog design. Thus increases AdSense CTR. It has also many ad units, which comes handy while inserting ad codes.

Like that of Schema, it comes in with inbuilt review system and Megamenu plugin compatibility.

Get 50% OFF Best theme

Below are some of the best SEO-friendly free WordPress themes.

Although free themes do not provide frequent updates and support, some newbies can find free themes useful.
In fact, many of the quite popular sites are still using free themes.

#6. Make – Free theme


With “Make” theme, you could design sites, landing pages and minimalistic blogs without touching the code. The theme has a drag and drop builder.

The theme is completely responsive across various devices.

It is an open-source theme and is incredibly powerful.

The theme is available in both WordPress repository and also in Themefoundry.

#7. StarGazer – free theme


This is the theme I used in this blog earlier. The design of StarGazer theme is similar to the current Genesis child theme design I have in my blog now.

This theme is based on rock-solid Hybrid Core framework, which powers millions of sites around the web.

The theme is completely responsive. As I’ve used it earlier, I would recommend you to try it out once. It also utilizes HTML5 conventions and Schema microdata and is semantically rich.

This theme is also available on WordPress repo and Theme Hybrid.

This theme is also used by WpTavern.

Bonus free theme: Twenty Fourteen. It’s used by one of the leading SEO blog SEOByTheSea. Twenty Fifteen theme would be a great choice.

As I’ve said free themes lack features and flexibility. You won’t get frequent updates and enhancements. You would have to seek the help of WordPress support forums for help regarding these free themes.

I would recommend that if you are serious about blogging, go for premium themes.

ReadThemeIsle Coupon 20% OFF with Review

I hope you found my reviews of SEO friendly WordPress themes helpful. I would advise you not to be too paranoid about the design of your site. Don’t change the theme often, stick to one theme. Ultimately it is the content that matters.

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14 thoughts on “10 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes Reviewed”

  1. Hey Akshay,
    Loved the list of the best WordPress themes.
    I agree with Genesis Framework and I also would like to add Splash, Point Pro as well as HowTo themes from MyThemeShop as they perform extremely well.
    I have also used a few themes from Famethemes that are not only SEO friendly but also loads super-fast.

  2. List of WordPress themes are nice, there are hundreds and thousands of themes are available, by you listed in a perfect way. Here you explained the themes with SEO friendly, is useful to all. I read this article it was good and I use these themes it was great . Thank you

  3. Hi Akshay,
    Yes these are best wordress themes for blogging platform. Even I use Genesis Frame Work News Pro Theme. It’s useful for SEO. Simple and sobar. Thesis and Stargazer is also good. keep it up . thanks

  4. To get success on the site , SEO is one of main facts . But many author of the sites do not consider whether themes are SEO friendly or not .
    This is why this is one of the major obstacles to success .
    In a word it can be said that without giving priority on SEO , the success of sites can not be gained at all .
    Because search engines are very strict to maintain the SEO terms for the sites . The themes shared here are very much SEO friendly .
    Thank you author for sharing here such nice and very effective themes here.

  5. Hello Akshaly,
    Great resources mate!
    It is really handy to get review regarding seo friendly wordpress based theme.
    According to my experience, Thesis theme is one of the best seo friendly theme , i have ever used.
    May be , i am gonna check “X theme” after reading your recommendation.

    Ben Willaim

  6. Nice list of theme Akshaly. I use Genesis myself and find it to be simple and easy to work with. With page load speed and mobile optimization being a higher priority, I’m going to have to check out Schema theme as well. Stargazer is my first test though. Very nice looking theme. Good selection.

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