Best LSI Keyword Research Tools for Boosting SEO

Lsi tools

I assume that you know the meaning of LSI keywords. They are the related or synonyms of the main keyword you are targeting in your content.

Including LSI keywords in your posts makes your blog semantically strong. It is one of the advanced SEO techniques that is being followed these days.

But how to find these keywords?

In this post, I’m gonna present you some of the best LSI keyword tools that ease out your job of SEO. There are both paid and free tools. Free tools may have limited functionalities but is worth if you are a newbie planning to make your blog semantically rich.

Free tools

1. Google search

Google search presents you the related search terms at the bottom of the search results when you make a particular query.

Google related terms

Just search for the main keyword in Google. It returns you all the related keywords for the search you made, at the bottom of the SERP

In above example, I took “paleo diet” as my seed keyword. I searched for it in Google. Now Google presented me all LSI or related keywords to the main keyword. So if you are writing about Paleo diet in your blog, then including words like – meal, recipes, food, makes your content LSI-friendly.

Isn’t it simple?

2. Ultimate Keyword Hunter

This tool is only available for Windows users.

The tool presents you the most repeated keywords of the articles presently ranking for your keyword in top 10.

For downloading this free tool just head over to their website. Enter your email ID, and hit send me the copy. They will send you the email containing a unique download link. Go to your inbox, download the tool and install it.


Just enter the seed keyword for which you want to research LSI keywords and hit parse.

Now the tool scans the top 10 Google results pages for repeated keywords. After the parsing is complete head over to analysis section.

Analysis of results

It presents you the top 10 Google results for the query along with the word count of the page articles.

You could also include stop words that you need to exclude while the tool is analyzing for LSI keywords.

Hit “Analyze”. Once the analysis is complete, go to Analysis result section.


Here are your LSI keywords. They are sorted according to the word count in the keyword, in the tabs at the top.

You can sort the list, export the keywords or copy the selected keywords.

3. LSI graph

Lsi graph

Enter the seed keyword. Hit generate.


The tool generates you the LSI keywords related to the main keyword you entered.

4. Semantic link

Semantic link

This tool presents you all the related words to the word you entered in the search box. Here the words like calorie, carbohydrates, vitamins ,vegan, are all related to the word “diet”.

5. Niche LaboratoryNiche lab

This tool is similar to that of Ultimate Keyword Hunter. It finds for LSI keywords in the top results of Google search.


In addition to the above data, this tool also presents you various other data like niche products, comparison, raw data, etc. Just scroll down the reports page, you can discover more features of this tool.

Premium tools

There are several tools that have LSI keyword functionality.

Some of them are,

1. SEOPressor

SEOPressor is basically a premium SEO plugin for WordPress.

Lsi analysis

SEOpressor comes packed with various killer SEO functionalities.


  • over-optimisation check
  • rich snippet support
  • social SEO
  • automatic smart linking
  • others

It also suggests you LSI keywords using Google and Bing API. It helps in boosting the on page SEO of your site. Helps you rank for some more narrow search terms in Google.

2. Easy WP SEO

This is one of the greatest SEO plugins for WordPress. It lets you optimize your article effectively around your target keyword.

It comes with functionalities for setting primary and secondary keywords for your articles. It also provides Copyscape support. Along with these, it also comes with tons of other features.

For this tool to suggest you LSI keywords, you need to enter the Bing API key in settings.

Easy wp seo LSI

Including the LSI keywords that this plugin suggests you, helps in getting a boost in your rankings.

3. SEMrush

It is basically a competitor keyword and backlink research tool. It has a plethora of features.

Along with those, there are two main features called related keywords and related phrases report.

Just enter the seed keyword in the search bar. Along with presenting the volume, CPC and other competitive data for the keyword, SEMrush also displays the related keywords.


The great thing is that this tool also displays the search volume and CPC of the related LSI keywords. To view the complete report of related keywords you need the pro plan.

Here’s the 14-days free pro trial of SEMrush for you.

From the editor’s desk

There are many other tools for searching LSI keywords. You may use Google search, Thesaurus and other tools for researching keywords relevant to the main keyword.

Always try to keep the post insightful. It helps you cover more keywords in your content. Thus, you rank for more long tail keywords and get good organic traffic.

Include all the possible information, answer every possible question in your blog posts. This automatically includes enough LSI keywords in your post.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to find these semantic keywords, refer my best guide.

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