14 Best Premium Genesis Child Themes for 2018

Genesis child themes

If you are looking for the best premium Genesis Child themes to boost your blog traffic, you are in the right place.

The design of the blog is very important. If your blog has great content but poor design, your content would not be read. After you setup your blog, and publish some content, the first investment you make should be in buying a premium theme.

Personally, I was using a free theme inthe first year of my blogging career. Then I opted for Genesis framework and themes. People started loving my blog. I witnessed a surge in the number of returning visitors to my blog. The lesson I’ve learnt is, if you are a serious blogger, then it’s worth it to spend some bucks on a premium theme initially itself.

I suggest you go for Genesis Framework.

Why I recommend Genesis?

Here are some of the features of Genesis powered child themes.

  • Built on the latest HTML 5.
  • SEO friendly (well known)
  • All the child themes are completely responsive.
  • Lifelong free support and updates.
  • Bullet-proof security by periodic updates.
  • Powerful site customization.

As there is support for parent and child themes, you need to modify the parent theme code directly. By this, you reduce the chances of accidentally breaking your site. The Genesis themes have come through various iterations of development and phases, making it the best WordPress theme provider out there.

I am personally using Genesis themes on all the niche sites. It is helping me to maximize conversions and AdSense CTR. It is due to the responsiveness and diversity of child themes to choose from.

Best Genesis Child themes

Before buying any of these child themes, you need to have Genesis Framework installed on your blog. The Genesis Child themes that I mention below can only be installed over the parent framework on your site/blog.

Parallax pro

Have you heard that story-telling is the new way of blogging, lead generation, and content marketing? This child theme is designed especially keeping the storytelling in mind. This theme helps you  let your readers swiftly follow the story and convert them into a lead with a strong call to action.

Blog posts and pages are simplistic in design, focused on conversion and user-experience.

The theme is completely mobile responsive like any other Studiopress Genesis themes.

The best feature of this theme is its support for parallax scrolling.

Altitude pro

This is the theme focused on lead generation and conversions.

Blog posts look clear and have great typography. The pages are a pleasure to look at.

  • Color Styles
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Header
  • HTML5 Markup
  • Landing Page
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Theme Customizer
  • Theme Options
  • Sidebar Layout Options
  • Layout Options

Centric pro

Studiopress guys call this theme as an antidote for short attention spans.

As you may know that the attention span of online users is dropping drastically. This theme addresses the issue in a great way.

It greatly decreases the bounce rates of your blog, by its catchy unique web design.

Foodie pro

Foodie pro is the best customization Genesis Theme to date. It has plenty of customization options and support for colors.

It is the best Genesis child theme for food blogs. But also is suitable for other blogs, if you are looking for good customization options.

It has options for uploading images directly to recipe galleries and all.

Digital pro

This theme is the best bet if you are selling any digital goods or informational products.

It creates a feeling of trust with your web visitors and helps them convert better.

The elements on the homepage are by default positioned in a strategic way so as to increase the conversion rate of your audience.

Eleven40 pro

This is one of the most popular themes among bloggers. Like all Genesis premium themes, it is powered by HTML 5 and responsive design and is best suitable for presentation of content i.e. in case of blogs.

The simplistic design ensures that your content is read by your readers.

Wintersong screenshot

If you love minimalistic themes, this one is for you.

With its clutter free design, it helps you make more connection with your readers. The simple design ensures that your content is read completely without any distractions.

Screenshot magazinepro

This child theme is magazine styled theme and puts emphasis on the design of your site.

If you publish on your site rapidly, this theme definitely helps you to showcase the maximum content on the homepage.

You can also create post grids for various categories on your site, that appear as sections on your homepage.

9. Focus Pro

Focuspro screenshot

Focus Pro theme is designed to keep the focus of your audience on your blog. It helps you get your content read fully, with great involvement.

As the name itself suggests, it is the best theme if you want to capture the audience attention.

There are 3 color styles this theme comes with, the default one being green.

Screenshot newspro

If you want to present your news content in a great way, this theme helps you.

As you may know, when creating news site, you have to ensure that more stories are covered in less space. This theme addresses the same thing by making it possible to highlight trending stories and also presenting heavy content in an eye-popping style.

It also has a responsive design, to ensure that your site loads beautifully across various digital devices.

11. Metro Pro


It is a same magazine-style theme like that of Magazine Pro, but it is more advanced with great features.

Along with magazine design, it comes with social features to make sure that your stories are heard across the social media platforms.

Generate pro

This Genesis Child theme is focused on email list lead generation.

You may have the quote, “The money is in the list”. It’s true. Even if Google ditches you, if you have an email list, you will be never broke.

It comes with support for feature optin box, and all the other features aimed at converting more of your visitors to precious subscribers.

Needless to say, like any other Genesis child themes, the design is great.

Whitespace pro

This comes with a minimal design. This is best suitable for creating personal website/blog and portfolio.

This theme comes with a great typography, that presents your content in a great way.

It also comes with social media buttons at the theme footer, to ensure that your readers can interact or follow you on social media platforms.

14. Author Pro

Author pro

If you are an author and is willing to build a site that showcases it, this theme is for you.

The homepage helps you connect with your visitors as an author and a human being by presenting beautiful image of yours and a short personal story

The theme also has a feature to help you build an online library of books, in a user-friendly manner.

It is the best Genesis child theme for Author blogs.

Final words

These are some of the best Genesis Child themes, that you may use on your blogs.

If you are struggling to select one of the child themes, then you may opt for Pro Plus package, which includes all the present child themes from StudioPress and also the future Genesis child themes along with support and updates for lifetime.

Hope you loved the collection of top Genesis child themes.

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). All opinions are our own and we do not accept payments for positive reviews.

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  1. Hi Akshay,

    Nice collection of genesis themes. Really they are too beautiful.

    I am using Magazine Pro now and thinking to change it to WinterStrong pro.

    What you say?

  2. Hey,
    I really like your all theme, Great features to all themes and I like your tutorial and It is very helpful my next projects I used your theme,Thank you for lovely sharing with an online.
    With regards,
    Daniel Palmier.

  3. Hi Akshay you just miss one genesis theme which is Enterprise pro i m thinking to use but akshay tell me for my blog which theme is the best so that i can purchase after using few days. I m also a passionate blogger working day and night so that i can improve my blog .

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